RealShowFan's The Amazing Race 1
Season Run 21/07/09 – 12/09/09
Winning Team Penelope & Kristine
No. Of Episodes 15
No. Of Legs 12
Continents Visited 6
Countries/Territories Visited 12
Cities Visited 21
Distance Traveled 40,000 miles
All-Stars Penelope & Kristine, Martin & Mackenzie
Season Chronology
Previous None
Next RTAR2

RealShowFan's The Amazing Race 1 (RTAR1) is the first ever installment of RealShowFan's (RSF) version of the Emmy Award-winning reality television game show The Amazing Race. RTAR1 featured 11 teams of two, with a pre-existing relationship, in a race around the world for one million fictional dollars.

The season was first aired in RealityFanForum (RFF). It premiered on July 21, 2009 at 3:30AM EST and usually aired once every 3-4 days, with the season finale on September 12, 2009 at 7PM EST. The show is written by RFF user RSF, pictures by Zachary_busch, and route markers by Mooyou.


Development & Filming

RealShowFan's The Amazing Race 1 lasted for 20 days and traveled over 40,000 miles. The teams raced in 12 countries, including the never-been-visited in the original franchise, Angola, as well as Canada, Sweden, Poland, Italy, United Arab Emirates, People's Republic of China, Thailand, New Zealand, Argentina, Brazil, and of course, United States of America, with the Finish Line and final leg in Princeton, New Jersey.

Notable events of the season included the surprising comeback of the winning team, who have never won a single leg previously. Also, every special powers, meaning the Yields, U-Turns, and Fast Forwards, were used, except for the final Yield. Also, all teams saved by Non-Elimination Legs survived the eliminations in the subsequent leg, even with the penalties.


Applications were due on March 13, 2009. Semi-finalist interviews were held sometime in May 2009 and the final casting interviews were held in Los Angeles around late May or early June 2009. Scouting locations were performed during mid-June.


The following teams participated in the race, with their relationships at the time of filming. Placements are listed in finishing order.

Team Relationship Position (by leg) Roadblocks Performed
1 2 3a 3b 4 5 6 7 <8> 9a 9b 10 11 12
Penelope & Kristine Sisters 4th 2nd 6th 3rd 3rd 7th 6th+ 4th 3rd 1st 4th+ 3rd 2nd 1st Penelope 5, Kristine 6
Lionel & Debra Recently Dating 3rd 6th 1st 1st 2nd 8th 5th+ 3rdƒ 1st 3rd 5th+ 4th> 3rd 2nd Lionel 4, Debra 6
Holly & Gabrielle Professional Beach Volleyball Players 1st 10th< 2nd 5th 1stƒ 2nd> 2nd+ 2nd 2nd> 4th 3rd+ 2nd 1st 3rd Holly 6, Gabrielle 4
Martin & Mackenzie Married Farmers & Grandparents 7th 3rd 4th 10th< 9th 5th 4th+ 6th 4th 2nd 1st+ 1stƒ 4th Martin 5, Mackenzie 5
Lili & Lee High School Teachers 2nd 1st 7th 4th 6th 3rd 1st+ 1st 6th< 5th 2nd+ 5th< Lili 5, Lee 4
Bryanna & Keith Married & Retired 9th 4th 3rd 6th 4th 6th 3rd+ 5th 5th 6th 6th+ Bryanna 5, Keith 4
Joshua & Mitch Business Partners 6th 5th 5th 2nd> 5th 4th 7th+ 7th Joshua 3, Mitch 3
Jenna & Kathryn Hairdressers 11th 8th 8th 9th 7th 1st 8th+ Jenna 1, Kathryn 4
Bilius & Alejandro Friends & Roommates 8th 9th> 9th 7th 8th 9th< Bilius 1, Alejandro 3
Jenneco & Samantha Gossip Friends 5th 7th 10th 8th 10th Jenneco 2, Samantha 2
Jerome & JP Soccer Buddies 10th 11th Jerome 1, JP 1

Red means the team was eliminated.
Green ƒ means the team won the Fast Forward.
A normal Blue means the team came in last on a non-elimination leg and were ripped of all their money and weren't given any in the subsequent leg.
An italic Blue means the team came in last on a non-elimination leg and were Marked for Elimination.
An underlined Blue means the team came in last on a non-elimination leg and had to perform a Speedbump in the leg following.
An orange > means the team chose to Yield; < indicates the team who received it. A leg number with <> indicates the Yield was available but wasn't used.
A purple > means the team chose to U-Turn; < indicates the team who received it. A leg number with <> indicates the U-Turn was available but wasn't used.
Matching colors + indicate teams who worked together during part of the leg as a result of the Intersection.

Episode Title Quotes

Titles for episodes are usually taken from quotes made by the racers. The quotes are sometimes slightly changed for humorous effect. Ironically, not one person has been featured in more than one episode title.

00. Cast Information
01. "We Have To Take A TOUR!" - Debra
02. "There Are The Fake Queens!" - Penelope
03. "We're Farmers But We Don't Farm Oranges." - Martin
04. "If We're Last Because Of Him I'll Sue Him!" - Mitch
05. "I Beat You! I Beat You!" - Bryanna
06. "Revenge Is Sweet, Sweeter If Long Delayed, Like Success!" - Gabrielle
07. "There's A Cupid In Dubai!" - Kristine
08. "Paintballs Can Leave You Marks!" - Fast Forward Warning
09. "I Have No Expedia Skills, But I Say We Should Go For It." - Lee
10. "To Me They're Like A Troop Of Cheerleaders In Uniform." - Lionel
11. "No, I Am Not Diabetes-Positive!" - Keith
12. "Please Lord Let Us Find The Clue..." - Mackenzie
13. "I'm So Excited To Dominate The Men." - Holly
14. "6 Continents, 12 Countries, And More Than 40,000 Miles..." - Phil


Prizes were awarded to the first team to check-in for each leg.

Leg 1 - $10,000 for each team member
Leg 2 - A trip for two to Hong Kong, China
Leg 3 - A motorcycle for each team member
Leg 4 - A trip for two to Paris, France
Leg 5 - A trip for two to South Africa
Leg 6 - A 12.5 foot catamaran for each team member
Leg 7 - A trip for two to the Bahamas
Leg 8 - A Sony High Definition Handycam for each team member
Leg 9 - A trip for two to Auckland and Wellington, New Zealand
Leg 10 - A trip for two to Buenos Aires, Argentina
Leg 11 - Leave Pitstart 10 minutes earlier than actual time
Leg 12 - $1,000,000 / Title of the first RealShowFan's The Amazing Racer

Race summary

Route Map

The Route of the Race.

Leg 1 (United States of America → Canada)

CN Tower

The Detour for the first leg of the race is held in the famous CN Tower.

  • Mountain View, California, USA USAflag (Shoreline Amphitheatre) (Starting Line)
  • Airplane San Jose (San Jose International Airport) to Toronto, Ontario Ontario, Canada Canadaflag (Toronto Pearson International Airport)
  • Toronto (Niagara Falls)
  • Toronto (CN Tower) Detour
  • Oshawa (General Motors Centre) Roadblock
  • Oshawa (Valleyview Gardens)
  • Oshawa (Camp Samac)
  • Port Hope (Town Hall)
  • Kingston (Fort Henry) Pitstop

The first Detour had teams choosing between Wait Up or Count Down. In Wait Up, teams had to use the elevator to go to the glass floor to retrieve their clue. In Count Down, teams had to count the number of stairs there are in the tower. In the first Roadblock of the race, one team member had to score a shot against professional hockey player Dan Turple.

Additional tasks
  • Teams were given the choice to choose between three flights to Toronto. Three teams chose the Air Canada flight, four chose the United Airlines flight, and the remaining four teams chose the Delta Airlines flight.
  • At Niagara Falls, teams had to be toured the falls by the 'Maid of the Mist'.
  • At Oshawa, teams had to search Camp Samac for their clue.

Leg 2 (Canada → Sweden)

Gamla Stan

The site of the first Yield was also the site of the dreaded Stockholm Bloodbath.

  • Airplane Toronto (Toronto Pearson International Airport) to Stockholm, Sweden Sweden (Stockholm-Arlanda Airport)
  • Stockholm (Dahlens Coffee Shop) Detour
  • Stockholm (Gamla Stan - Stortorget) Yield
  • Stockholm (Deutsche Schule Stockholm) Roadblock
  • Stockholm (Mediterranean Museum of Antiquities) Pitstop

At the Detour, teams chose between Serve Coffee or Serve The Queen. In Serve Coffee, teams must properly serve a table of customers some coffee. In Serve The Queen, teams must fit a crown to one of the queens. At the Roadblock, one team member learned Swedish taught by a teacher, and then was tested their learnings by a student.

Leg 3 (Sweden → Poland → Italy)


Teams were taken by bus to Padova, Italy. It took at least 13 hours.

  • Train Stockholm (Stockholm Centralstation) to Uppsala (Uppsala Centralstation)
  • Uppsala (Uppsala University)
  • Uppsala (Carl Linnaeus Garden) Roadblock
  • Airplane Stockholm (Stockholm-Arlanda Airport) to Warsaw, Poland Poland (Warsaw Frederic Chopin Airport)
  • Warsaw (Łazienki Park) Detour
  • Train Warsaw (Warsaw Central Station) to Gniezno (Gniezno Train Station)
  • Gniezno (Cathedral)
  • Gniezno (Hotel Gewert) (Leg mid-point; teams are told this is not the Pitstop and must continue) (Overnight rest)
  • Bus Gniezno to Padova, Italy Italy
  • Padova (Abbazia di Santa Giustina)
  • Padova (Prato della Valle)
  • Padova (Righetto Coffee Shop) Detour
  • Padova (Tomb of Antenor) U-Turn
  • Padova (San Canziano Church) Pitstop

At the Roadblock, one team member must search the orangery for a red orange. At the first Detour of the leg, teams had to choose between Hand It To Me or Travel With Me. In Hand It To Me, teams must win three times in a game of handball. In Travel With Me, teams must walk around the park for the specific locations. At the second Detour, teams were given the choice either to Help Yourself or Do-It-Yourself. In Help Yourself, teams drank a jug filled with cold espresso. In Do-It-Yourself, teams made their own espresso.

Additional tasks
  • At Hotel Gewert, after receiving news that they must continue on, teams had to sign up for one of three buses going to their next destination.
  • At Prato della Valle, teams had to search for the cluebox with their next clue amongst fake clueboxes.

Leg 4 (Italy)

San Michele in Foro

San Michele in Foro was the site of the Roadblock in this leg of the race.

  • Lucca (Piazza Napoleone) Fast Forward (Tower Guinigi)
  • Lucca (San Michele in Foro) Roadblock
  • Lucca (Cicli Bizzarri) Detour
  • Lucca (San Frediano Church)
  • Lucca (Palazzo Micheletti) Pitstop

The race's first Fast Forward is featured in Tower Guinigi, where they have to count the number of stairs in approximation and take a good photo of the view as depicted in the clue. At the Roadblock, one team member must find matching Italian pastries from the locals. At the Detour, it was a choice between Differentiate or Accumulate. In Differentiate, teams tried to categorize the names, pictures and functions of different bicycles. In Accumulate, teams tried to repair a bicycle.

Additional task
  • At San Frediano Church, teams quietly searched among the few clueboxes for the one with their next clue.

Leg 5 (Italy → Angola)


Teams flew to Luanda, Angola.

  • Airplane Pisa (Galileo Galilei International Airport) to Luanda, Angola Angola (Quatro de Fevereiro Airport)
  • Luanda (Hospital Josina Machel-Maria Pia) Yield
  • Luanda (Mussulo) Detour
  • Luanda (Kissama National Park) Pitstop

The Detour let teams choose between Oar or Shore. In Oar, teams rowed to a buoy with their clue. In Shore, teams dug for a box with their clue.

Additional task
  • At Hospital Josina Machel-Maria Pia, teams needed to donate 1,000 Angola Kwanzas worth before receiving their next clue.

Leg 6 (Angola → United Arab Emirates)

800px-Dubai museum3

Teams needed to find this dhow in Dubai Museum, the Pitstop for this leg of the race.

  • Airplane Luanda (Quatro de Fevereiro Airport) to Dubai, United Arab Emirates UAE (Dubai International Airport)
  • Dubai (Grand Mosque) Intersection
  • Dubai (Bastakia Quarter) Detour
  • Dubai (Wafi City)
  • Dubai (Wafi City - Wafi Gourmet) Roadblock
  • Dubai (Dubai Court)
  • Dubai (Dubai Museum) Pitstop

At the Detour, teams chose between By Wind-Power or By Resting. In By Wind-Power, teams had to keep pouring water on a machine to make it conduct electricity. In By Resting, teams searched the art gallery for a painting with a clue envelope in it. At the Intersected Roadblock, one member from each team, making it two members per Intersected team, had to eat the local cuisine.

Leg 7 (United Arab Emirates → People's Republic of China)


Teams flew to Fuzhou for this leg of the race.

  • Dubai (Baniyas Square)
  • Airplane Dubai (Dubai International Airport) to Fuzhou, People's Republic of China PRChina (Fuzhou Changle International Airport)
  • Fuzhou (Wuyi Square)
  • Fuzhou (Yu Hill) Roadblock Detour Fast Forward (Jinjishan Park)
  • Fuzhou (Fujian Xinhua Bookstore)
  • Fuzhou (Binfen Park) Pitstop

For the Fast Forward, the team had to finish a course while paintballs are thrown heavily at them. At the Roadblock, one team member had to reach to the top of Yu Hill, to the white pagoda, and retrieve a Travelocity Gnome. At the Detour, teams had to decide between Monkey Business or Over The Wall. In Monkey Business, teams went to Pingshan Park and found their next clue while monkeys distract them. In Over The Wall, teams went to Tiantian Restaurant and ate a local delicacy, Buddha Jumps Over The Wall.

Additional tasks
  • At Dubai, teams had to take an Abra, a local transport, to the other side of Dubai Creek.
  • At Fujian Xinhua Bookstore, teams searched for a book titled 極速前進, meaning 'The Amazing Race'.

Leg 8 (People's Republic of China)

Nina Tower

Nina Tower was the site of the final, unused Yield.

  • Airplane Fuzhou (Fuzhou Changle International Airport) to Hong Kong Hong Kong (Hong Kong International Airport)
  • Tsuen Wan (Nina Tower) Yield (unused)
  • Tsuen Wan (Tsuen Wan Plaza) Detour U-Turn
  • Tsuen Wan (Riviera Plaza)
  • Tsuen Wan (Riviera Plaza - Ice Chalet) Roadblock
  • Ferry Tsuen Wan (Tsuen Wan Ferry Pier) to Ma Wan (Park Island Pier)
  • Ma Wan (Park Island - Tung Wan Beach)
  • Ma Wan (Park Island - Noah's Ark Garden) Pitstop

At the Detour, teams chose between Shopaholics or Moviegoers. In Shopaholics, teams used their money to buy the needed items from the list. In Moviegoers, teams must spot which movie a Jackie Chan movie scene came from. The Roadblock required the team member to skate around the rink eight times.

Additional task
  • Before heading to the Pitstop, teams must properly build a sandcastle at Tung Wan Beach.

Leg 9 (People's Republic of China → Thailand → New Zealand)

Mission House

Mission House, formerly Kemp House, was the Pitstop for this leg of the race.

  • Ferry Ma Wan (Park Island Pier) to Central (Central Ferry Pier No. 2)
  • Admiralty (Ocean Park) Speedbump
  • Wong Chuk Hang (Hong Kong Police Training School)
  • Airplane Hong Kong (Hong Kong International Airport) to Chiang Mai, Thailand Thailand (Chiang Mai International Airport)
  • Chiang Mai (Pimanthip Golf Course)
  • Chiang Mai (Chiang Mai Thai Cookery School)
  • Chiang Mai (Golden Cupids Hotel) (Leg mid-point; teams were told this is not the Pitstop and must continue) (Overnight Rest)
  • Train Chiang Mai (Chiang Mai Railway Station) to Bangkok (Bangkok Railway Station)
  • Bangkok (Wat Pho) Intersection Detour
  • Bangkok (Jim Thompson's House)
  • Bangkok (Leela Thai Herbal Spa)
  • Airplane Bangkok (Suvarnabhumi Airport) to Kerikeri, New Zealand New Zealand (Bay of Islands Airport)
  • Kerikeri (Makana Confections) Roadblock
  • Kerikeri (Mission House) Pitstop

At the only Speedbump in the entire race, Lili & Lee had to take a ride from the Dragon. The first Roadblock had one team member successfully complete four golf course. The Detour of the leg was a choice between Water or Rock. In Water, teams went to the Floating Market and transferred fruits to an old lady. In Rock, teams traveled to Ayutthaya, where they transferred rocks to a specific area. At the second Roadblock of the leg, one team member had to keep eating chocolates until they found one with almond inside.

Additional task
  • At Chiang Mai Thai Cookery School, teams were taught how to cook hot and sour soup with shrimp.

Leg 10 (New Zealand → Argentina)

Kavanagh Building

Kavanagh Building was the tenth Pitstop of the race.

  • Airplane Kerikeri (Bay of Islands Airport) to Buenos Aires, Argentina Argentina (Ministro Pistarini International Airport)
  • Buenos Aires (Floralis Genérica) Fast Forward (National Museum of Fine Arts)
  • Buenos Aires (Colon Theatre) Detour U-Turn
  • Buenos Aires (El Obelisco)
  • Buenos Aires (Kavanagh Building) Pitstop

At the final Fast Forward of the entire race, the team went to the National Museum of Fine Arts to quietly find their clue. The Detour was a choice between Wear or Chair. In Wear, teams got dressed and had to recite a script in Spanish. In Chair, teams searched under 2,500 chairs for one with a clue underneath it.

Additional task
  • At El Obelisco, teams had to climb up the structure to retrieve a flag for each member.

Leg 11 (Argentina → Brazil)

Christ the Redeemer

Teams were taken by helicopter to Christ The Redeemer, the penultimate Pitstop.

  • Airplane Buenos Aires (Ministro Pistarini International Airport) to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Brazil (Santos Dumont Airport)
  • Rio de Janeiro (Copacabana Fort) Detour
  • Rio de Janeiro (Lapa Rio Capoeira) Roadblock
  • Rio de Janeiro (Sugar Loaf)
  • Rio de Janeiro (Christ The Redeemer) Pitstop

The Detour was between Grab or Crab. In Grab, teams went to Maracanã Soccer Stadium and each team member must save three goals each. In Crab, teams wents to Marius and ate seven Carangueijadas each. The Roadblock required one team member to perform Capoeira and have the three judges satisfied.

Additional tasks
  • Teams took a cable car from Sugar Loaf to the Mountain of Urca.
  • Teams were taken by helicopter to the Pitstop.

Leg 12 (Brazil → United States of America)


The Princeton Battle Monument was the Finish Line of the race, and where Penelope & Kristine won the grand prize.

  • Airplane Rio de Janeiro (Santos Dumont Airport) to Newark, New Jersey, USA USAflag (Newark International Airport)
  • Princeton (Chancellor Green Library) Detour
  • Princeton (Princeton University Art Museum) Roadblock
  • Princeton (Princeton Cemetery)
  • Princeton (Nassau Inn)
  • Princeton (Princeton Battle Monument) Pitstop (Finish Line)

The final Detour had teams choosing between Analyze or Search. In Analyze, teams received a book and must search the words in it for their next destination. In Search, teams went to a pile of books to search for the book titled with their next destination. The final Roadblock had one team member remember and categorize the items featured in each leg.

Additional task
  • At Princeton Cemetery, teams were given a list of quotes and must match them with the people that said them. Once done, they must transfer six coffins to Morven before continuing on.


You can read the entire season by going to this link: RealShowFan's The Amazing Race 1 The Complete Season