RealShowFan's The Amazing Race 3
Season Run 11/07/10 – 09/10/10
Winning Team Don & Herald
No. Of Episodes 17
No. Of Legs 14
Continents Visited 5
Countries/Territories Visited 15
Cities Visited 47
Distance Traveled 77,000 miles
Rerun Todell & Medina, Brandy & Jason, Nathan & Jordan
Season Chronology
Previous RTAR2
Next RTAR4

RealShowFan's The Amazing Race 3 (RTAR3) is the third installment of RealShowFan's (RSF) version of the Emmy Award-winning reality television game show The Amazing Race. RTAR3 featured 12 teams of two, with a pre-existing relationship, in a race around the world for one million fictional dollars.

The whole season was aired in ORG TAVRN (Zeta). The first episode aired on July 10, 2010 at 8:11PM EST. Each episode was aired generally 3 days apart, while the finale was aired around a month after the second-to-last episode, on October 09, 2010 at 12:12AM EST.


Development & Filming

RealShowFan's The Amazing Race 3 lasted for 26 days, the longest in RealShowFan's The Amazing Race so far, and traveled over 77,000 miles. The teams raced in 15 countries, 7 of them being countries or territories never visited in the original franchise, those being Northern Ireland (they have visited the Republic of Ireland), Faroe Islands, Saudi Arabia, Cameroon, Venezuela, Trinidad and Tobago, and Barbados. Other countries visited include England, Scotland, Norway, Croatia, Turkey, Namibia, Uruguay, and United States of America, with the final leg in the state of Pennsylvania, mainly in Philadelphia, and the Finish Line in Valley Forge.

This race included a new feature. For every team that arrived first in every Pit Stop, besides winning a prize that they could use after the race, they received prizes for the game, including extra allowance and time credits. The Toll and Gyratory returned this race along with the Yield and U-Turn. The Intersection also returned for a single leg since its absence in RealShowFan's The Amazing Race 2.


Applications were due on May 25, 2010, one week after the ending of RealShowFan's The Amazing Race 2. Semi-finalist interviews were held sometime in early June 2010 and the final casting interviews were held in Los Angeles around early July 2010. Scouting locations were performed during mid-July 2010.


The following teams participated in the race, with their relationships at the time of filming. Placements are listed in finishing order.

Team Relationship Position (by leg) Roadblocks Performed
1 2 3 4 <5a> 5b 6 7 8 9a 9b <10> 11 <<12>> 13 14
Don & Herald Judo Student & Teacher 8th 11th 1stƒ 5th 1st 5th 6th 6th+ 6th 4th 4th> 2nd 3rd 3rd 1st> 1st Don 6, Herald 5
Todell & Medina Engaged 11th 3rd 6th 8th 2nd 1st> 2nd 1st+ƒ 4th< 5th< 5th 5th 4th 1st 2nd< 2nd Todell 6, Medina 6
Matthew & Jun Brothers 3rd 10th 9th 4th> 3rd 3rd 3rd 1st+ƒ 1st 2nd 1st 3rd 2nd 2ndƒ 3rd 3rd Matthew 6, Jun 6
Logan & Howard Bandmates 6th 2nd 8th> 3rd 4th 6th 5th 4th+ 2nd 3rd 3rd 1stƒ 1st 4th Logan 4, Howard 5
Brandy & Jason Dating 4 Years 2nd 9th 5th 7th 7th 4th 1stƒ 3rd+ 5th 1st> 2nd 4th 5th Brandy 4, Jason 5
Sara & Mandy Grandmother & Granddaughter 9th 8th 4th 6th 6th 7th 4th 5th+ 3rd> 6th 6th< Sara 5, Mandy 4
Eric & Christian Professional Skateboarders 4th 6th 2nd 9th 8th 2nd 7th Eric 3, Christian 4
Sandi & Riley Singing Friends 5th> 4th 10th 1st 5th 8th< Sandi 3, Riley 3
Ian & Queen Newlyweds 7th 5th 7th 2nd 9th Ian 3, Queen 2
Nathan & Jordan Business Partners 1st 1stƒ 3rd< 10th< Nathan 2, Jordan 2
Kayley & Kya Childhood Friends 10th 7th 11th Kayley 0, Kya 3
Betsy & Marco Dating On & Off 12th< Betsy 0, Marco 1

Red means the team was eliminated.
Green ƒ means the team won the Fast Forward.
Blue means the team came in last on a non-elimination leg and was confiscated of all their money and possessions.
An underlined Blue means the team came in last on a non-elimination leg and had to perform a Speed Bump in the leg following.
An italicised Blue means the team came in last on a non-elimination leg and was Marked For Elimination.
An orange > means the team chose to Yield; < indicates the team who received it. A leg number with <> indicates the Yield was available but wasn't used.
A purple > means the team chose to U-Turn; < indicates the team who received it. A leg number with <> indicates the U-Turn was available but wasn't used.
A teal > means the team chose to Toll; < indicates the team who received it. A leg number with <> indicates the Toll was available but wasn't used.
A brown > means the team chose to Gyratory; < indicates the team who received it. A leg number with <> indicates the Gyratory was available but wasn't used.
A matching color + means the two teams were Intersected for a period amount of time that leg.

Episode Title Quotes

Titles for episodes are usually taken from quotes made by the racers. The quotes are sometimes slightly changed for humorous effect.

00. Meet The Teams
01. "If An Hour's Passed, Call The Medics" - Todell
02. "My Temper Is Going To Burst Out The Devil Within" - Medina
03. "As Long As I Know How To Love, I Know I'll Stay Alive!" - Riley
04. "Don't Let Me Give You The Attitude!" - Brandy
05. "Pee In The Car, I Don't Care, Not My Problem!" - Medina
06. "With A Foreign Language, Anything's Possible!" - Brandy
07. "Never Thought A Brainless Map And A Feeble Bike Would Be Our Demise" - Don
08. "I Don't Need To Find A Woman!" - Herald
09. "The Stacks Are Never In Our Favor" - Herald
10. "I Am Sweating! Oh My Gosh, I'm Going Crazy!" - Medina
11. "I Want My High-Maintenance Rest!" - Brandy
12. "This Leg Is Full Of Gimmicks!" - Todell
13. "Signs Of A Warrior" - Howard
14. "I Have Always Told You To Fix Your Face, Now It's Our Downfall!" - Medina
15. "The Yuckiest Leg Ever" - Medina
16. "I Endured More Than Rocky Balboa" - Herald


Prizes were awarded to the first team to check-in for each leg. In addition, game-related prizes were featured this season and were also awarded to the first team to check-in for each leg.

Leg 1 - A trip for two to Cancun, Mexico / A 10-minute time credit
Leg 2 - A trip for two to London, England / Immunity from the first special power used against them
Leg 3 - A Yamaha Banshee 350 for each team member / An extra "Courtesy of" Picture
Leg 4 - An off-road vehicle for each team member / An extra Fast Forward opportunity
Leg 5 - A trip for two to Norway / An extra "Courtesy of" Picture
Leg 6 - A trip for two to the Caribbean / Give a team a 10-minute time penalty
Leg 7 - $10,000 for each team member / $10 extra allowance
Leg 8 - A 12.5 foot catamaran for each team member / A 20-minute time credit
Leg 9 - A home gym center for each team member / An extra Fast Forward opportunity
Leg 10 - A trip for two to Uruguay / An Express Pass
Leg 11 - $10,000 for each team member / Immunity from the first special power used against them
Leg 12 - A trip for four to Maui, Hawaii / Letters from home
Leg 13 - A motorcycle for each team member / A 30-minute time credit
Leg 14 - $1,000,000 / Title of the third RealShowFan's The Amazing Racer

Race summary


The Route of the Race.

Leg 1 (United States of America → England)


Chicopee Falls Dam was the Starting Line of RTAR3.

  • Chicopee, Massachusetts, USA USAflag (Chicopee Falls Dam) (Starting Line)
  • Chicopee (Szot Park)
  • Airplane Windsor Locks, Connecticut (Bradley International Airport) to Bristol, England England, United Kingdom UnitedKingdom (Bristol International Airport)
  • Wells (Bishop's Palace - Glastonbury Chair)
  • Wells (Bishop's Palace - Moat)
  • Bus Wells (Bus Station) to Glastonbury (Town Hall)
  • Glastonbury (Glastonbury Abbey) Roadblock2 (Glastonbury Tor)
  • Bus Glastonbury (Town Hall) to Wells (Bus Station)
  • Chewton Mendip (Chewton Dairy Farm) Yield2 Detour2.2
  • Wells (Milton Lodge Gardens) Pitstop2.2

The first Road Block of the race required the chosen team member to climb a hill to a tower where they received their clue from Queen Guinevere. The Detour was a choice between Wings and Udders. In Wings, teams had to capture the marked swan. In Udders, teams retrieved milk from a cow.

Additional tasks
  • At Chicopee, teams had to score a three-point basketball shot in order to receive their flight tickets.
  • At Bishop's Palace, teams had to row a boat down the moat and complete three laps.

Leg 2 (England)


Leg 2 was held in London, the capital of England.

  • Airplane Bristol (Bristol International Airport) to London (Heathrow International Airport)
  • London (Churchill Museum) Roadblock2 Fast Forward2 (Sherlock Holmes Museum)
  • London (Buckingham Palace)
  • London (Queen's Tower)
  • London (Albert Memorial)
  • London (Westminster Palace) Detour2.2
  • London (BFI IMAX)
  • London (Millbank Millennium Pier) Pitstop2.2

The Road Block required the team member to replicate Winston Churchill's Map Room. Teams chose between Drama and Trauma at the Detour. In Drama, teams had to role-play a part of one of Shakespeare's famous plays. In Trauma, teams had to transport four 'injured' people to St Thomas's Hospital. The Fast Forward required the team to find a miniature clue envelope in the Sherlock Holmes Museum.

Additional tasks
  • Teams needed to use binoculars from Queen's Tower to search for her 'husband', leading the teams to Albert Memorial.
  • At BFI IMAX, teams searched for the right room which contains a screening of the location of the Pit Stop.

Leg 3 (England → Scotland)


House For An Art Lover was the Pitstop for this leg of the race.

  • Train London (King's Cross Station) to Glasgow, Scotland Scotland (Glasgow Central Rail)
  • Glasgow (The Pot Still)
  • Glasgow (The Abode Glasgow) (Overnight Rest) Fast Forward2 (The Butterfly & The Pig)
  • Glasgow (La Pasionaria)
  • Glasgow (Glasgow Green - People Palace)
  • Glasgow (Farah's Hair & Beauty) Speedbump2
  • Glasgow (Hutchesons' Grammar School} Roadblock2 Gyratory2
  • Glasgow (Maxwell Park)
  • Glasgow (House For An Art Lover) Pitstop2.2

At the Roadblock, one team member must find a student in the school grounds not speaking in Scottish dialect. The Fast Forward required the team to transfer one hundred cups of tea successfully to The Butterfly & The Pig. The Speed Bump required Don & Herald to put nail polish on three different women.

Additional tasks
  • Once they arrived at Glasgow, teams traveled to The Pot Still and each team member was required to take a small shot of single malt whisky in order to receive their next clue.
  • Teams picked a departure number at The Abode Glasgow.
  • Teams searched Glasgow Green for the right clue box.
  • At Maxwell Park, each team member must place both first and second in a game of croquet.

Leg 4 (Scotland → Northern Ireland)


The first destination teams traveled to in Northern Ireland was the Big Fish.

  • Train Glasgow (Glasgow Central Rail) to Stranraer (Stranraer Rail)
  • Stranraer (Mull of Galloway Lighthouse) Roadblock2
  • Stranraer (Loch Ryan - The Scar)
  • Ferry Stranraer (Lock Ryan Port) to Belfast, Northern Ireland NorthernIreland (Stena Line Port)
  • Belfast (Big Fish) Detour2.2 U-Turn2
  • Ballynahatty (Giant's Ring)
  • Bangor (Ireland Off Road Experience)
  • Bangor (Eglantine Timber) Pitstop2.2

At the Road Block, that team member was required to search the lighthouse for eight unique letters and at the top floor, they need to spell out the letters to form their next destination, Loch Ryan. The Detour of this leg of the race was between Rhythmic and Arithmetic. In Rhythmic, teams walked to Ulster Hall and got dressed to practice the local ceili dance. They received their clue once their performance is satisfactory. In Arithmetic, teams made their way to Ormeau Park, chose a leprechaun, and count the number of gold coins in his pot of gold. Once they announced the right number, they would receive their next clue.

Additional tasks
  • In Ireland Off Road Experience, teams needed to complete a 4x4 course, with one of the team members being the driver and blindfolded while the other instructed their partner.

Leg 5 (Northern Ireland → Faroe Islands → Norway)


Teams spent the first half of the race in the Faroe Islands before flying to Norway.

  • Belfast (Lagan River)
  • Airplane Belfast (Belfast International Airport) to Sørvágur, Faroe Islands FaroeIslands (Vágar Airport)
  • Sandavágur (Sandavágur Church) Detour2.2
  • Tórshavn (The Nordic House) Toll2.2 Roadblock2
  • Tórshavn (Skansapakkhusið) (Elimination Point) (Leg Mid-Point; Teams are told this is not the Pit Stop and must continue)
  • Airplane Sørvágur (Vágar Airport) to Stavanger, Norway Norway (Sola Airport)
  • Stavanger (Sola Beach) Detour2.2
  • Stavanger (Norwegian Petroleum Museum)
  • Stavanger (Straen Fiskerestaurant)
  • Ålgård (Kongeparken)
  • Forsand (Kjerag - Kjeragbolten) Roadblock2 Gyratory2
  • Sandnes (Vitenfabrikken - Planetarium)
  • Sandnes (Sandnes Sentrum) Pitstop2.2

The Detour in the first half of the race was a choice between Village Housing and Village Fishing. In Village Housing, teams helped a family place a grass roof on their house. In Village Fishing, teams had to catch five fish. The Road Block for the first half of the race required the chosen team member to find the plaque depicting the flag of Faroe Islands. The correct plaques will reveal the name of the structure they needed to find within The Nordic House, Grindadráp. The Detour in the second half of the race was a choice between Surf and Turf. In Surf, teams must complete several surfing moves with the help of a lifeguard. In Turf, teams grabbed a metal detector and search the dunes site for a metal ball. The Road Block had the team member go B.A.S.E. jumping.

Additional tasks
  • Before leaving Northern Ireland, teams had to complete a canoe course in Lagan River and pick a number tag.
  • In Kongeparken, teams needed to ride two extreme rides, the Berg and Coaster in the Palace, and the Wasps, to retrieve two sets of letters, KJE and RAG. Then, teams must find Brumle and guess the name of their next destination, Kjerag. If they guessed wrong, they incurred a two-minute penalty on the spot.

Leg 6 (Norway)


The Fast Forward required the team to scale and gut out fifty fish in the Bergen Fish Market.

  • Bus Sandnes (Ruten) to Stavanger (Ferry Port)
  • Ferry Stavanger (Fiskepirterminalen) to Bergen (Flaggruten Port)
  • Bergen (Mount Fløyen)
  • Bergen (Bergen Aquarium) Roadblock2 Fast Forward2 (Bergen Fish Market)
  • Bergen (Edvard Grieg's Home)
  • Bergen (Boys Brigade Museum)
  • Bergen (Vannkanten Waterworld) Detour2.2
  • Bergen (Statsraad Lehmkuhl)
  • Bergen (Rosenkrantz Tower) Pitstop2.2

The Road Block required the team member to find a Travelocity Gnome in the aquarium. The Detour was Ice Rink or Ice Pool. In Ice Rink, teams were taught ice-skating moves and had to perform, ending their performance with a 'figure eight'. In Ice Pool, teams swam across a pool filled with ice. The Fast Forward required the team to scale and gut out fifty fish in order to win.

Additional tasks
  • On top of Mount Fløyen, teams used binoculars to search for the marked banner on their next location, Bergen Aquarium.
  • In Edvard Grieg's Home, teams searched piles of paper for a music sheet of pianist Edvard Grieg.

Leg 7 (Norway → Croatia)


Intersected teams played a game of Picigin together.

  • Airplane Bergen (Flesland Bergen International Airport) to Split, Croatia Croatia (Split International Airport)
  • Kaštela (Kaštel Novi - Appartment) Intersection2 Fast Forward2 (Restoran Boban)
  • Kaštela (Kaštel Gomilica - Kaštilac)
  • Split (Bačvice Beach)
  • Split (Gregory of Nin Statue)
  • Split (Joker Center) Detour2.2
  • Split (A.C.I. Split Marina) Pitstop2.2

The Detour was between Shoe Shop and Shoe Shine. In Shoe Shop, teams must find a woman in Deichmann with matching shoes as theirs. In Shoe Shine, teams must shine women's shoes in order to earn 56 Croatia Kunas, or $10. The Fast Forward required the Intersected team to each eat a plate of a local delicacy, Punjena paprika, or stuffed peppers.

Additional tasks
  • At Bačvice Beach, the Intersected teams played a traditional game called Picigin.

Leg 8 (Croatia → Turkey → Saudi Arabia)


King Fahd Fountain, the tallest fountain in the world, was the Pit Stop for this leg of the race.

  • Airplane Split (Split International Airport) to İzmir, Turkey Turkey (Adnan Menderes Airport)
  • İzmir (Konak Square - Clock Tower)
  • İzmir (Menemenlioglu Textiles Limited) Roadblock2 Gyratory2
  • Airplane İzmir (Adnan Menderes Airport) to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia SaudiArabia (King Abdul Aziz International Airport)
  • Jeddah (Souq al-Alawi) Speedbump2 Detour2.2
  • Jeddah (Monumen Perahu)
  • Jeddah (Chicken Wreck)
  • Jeddah (King Fahd Fountain) Pitstop2.2

The Road Block in Turkey required the team member to search the fluff of cotton for a silver ribbon. The Detour in Saudi Arabia was a choice between Carpets and Coffee Pots. In Carpets, teams had to unroll carpets to find their clue. In Coffee Pots, teams delivered three coffee pots to three different addresses. The Speed Bump required Don & Herald to help a man sell his spices to customers, requiring the customers to sign on a sheet for approval.

Additional tasks
  • Teams scuba dived from Monumen Perahu in order to find the Chicken Wreck underwater for their clue.

Leg 9 (Saudi Arabia → Cameroon → Namibia)


One of the second Detour choices was Search Aboveground, in which teams had to find a marked maize.

  • Jeddah (Floating Mosque)
  • Airplane Jeddah (King Abdul Aziz International Airport) to Douala, Cameroon Cameroon (Douala International Airport)
  • Douala (Pagoda Manga Bell)
  • Douala (Akwa Palace Hotel) Toll2.2
  • Douala (Eko Market) Roadblock2
  • Douala (Saint Jean de Deido Orphanage)
  • Airplane Douala (Douala International Airport) to Yaoundé (Yaoundé Ville Airport)
  • Yaoundé (Reunification Monument)
  • Mbalmayo (Lion Statue)
  • Zoulabot II (Dja River Ferry Crossing)
  • Boumba-Bek (Boumba Bek National Park)
  • Boumba-Bek (Boumba Forest) Detour2.2 (Leg Mid-Point)
  • Airplane Yaoundé (Yaoundé Ville Airport) to Windhoek, Namibia Namibia (Eros Airport)
  • Windhoek (Equestrian Monument)
  • Airplane Windhoek (Eros Airport) to Grootfontein (Grootfontein Airport)
  • Grootfontein (Hoba Meteorite)
  • Grootfontein (Das Alte Fort)
  • Grootfontein (Ghaub Farm) Detour2.2
  • Otavi (Zum Potjie Restcamp) Pitstop2.2

The Road Block required the team member to use the team's money to buy several items in Eko Market. The first Detour of the leg was a choice between Tribal Eats and Tribal Beats. In Tribal Eats, teams were guided by a boy on how to catch termites and eat them. In Tribal Beats, teams learned the ritual dance of the Baka Tribe. The second Detour was to Search Aboveground or Climb Underground. In Search Aboveground, teams searched the farm for a marked maize. In Climb Underground, teams must climb to an underground cave and retrieve their clue.

Additional tasks
  • After the Road Block, teams were surprised to learn that they had to deliver the items they just bought to a nearby orphanage.
  • After the Detour, teams had to build a Baka Hut, determining their order of departure.

Leg 10 (Namibia → Uruguay)


Teams counted the 118 steps of El Faro.

  • Airplane Grootfontein (Grootfontein Airport) to Windhoek (Windhoek Hosea Kutako International Airport) to Montevideo, Uruguay Uruguay (Carrasco International Airport)
  • Montevideo (Artigas Mausoleum) Fast Forward2
  • Montevideo (Gay Rights Mural)
  • Bus Montevideo (COT Bus Station) to Colonia Del Sacramento (COT Bus Station)
  • Colonia Del Sacramento (Portugal Street)
  • Colonia Del Sacramento (El Faro)
  • Colonia Del Sacramento (Teatro Bastion del Carmen)
  • Colonia Del Sacramento (Plaza de Toros) Yield2
  • Colonia Del Sacramento (Cantera Ferrando) Detour2.2
  • Colonia Del Sacramento (Colonial Hostel) Pitstop2.2

The Detour was a choice between Peace & Quiet and Fun & Noisy. In Peace & Quiet, teams needed to catch five fish. In Fun & Noisy, teams swung a vine, dived down, and searched for their submerged clue. The Fast Forward of this leg of the race required the team to use a compass and navigate their way through different check-points until they reached the end.

Additional tasks
  • In El Faro, teams needed to count the number of steps, 118, and use the three digits to form a picture, a guitar, in order to receive their next clue.
  • In Teatro Bastion del Carmen, teams retrieved a guitar.
  • In Plaza de Toros, teams were given mopeds that they have to ride on until the end of the leg.

Leg 11 (Uruguay)


This leg of the race is spent on the Maldonaldo department.

  • Bus Colonia Del Sacramento (COT Bus Station) to Montevideo (COT Bus Station)
  • La Barra (La Barra Bridge)
  • Maldonado (José Francisco González Meat Warehouse)
  • Maldonado (La Rosada Carniceria)
  • Pan de Azúcar (Juan Zorrilla de San Martin Park) Detour2.2
  • Piriápolis (Cerro Pan de Azúcar) Pitstop2.2

The Detour had teams choosing between Melody and Attire. In Melody, teams learnt how to play the candombe, a local drum. In Attire, teams searched clowns for matching costumes.

Additional tasks
  • At José Francisco González Meat Warehouse, teams experienced one of The Amazing Race's hard tasks - transfering slab of meat, originating from TAR5. The locations of start and end were the same (La Rosada Carniceria).

Leg 12 (Uruguay → Venezuela)


Teams met the president of Venezuela, Hugo Chávez, right after their arrival.

  • Airplane Montevideo (Carrasco International Airport) to Caracas, Venezuela Venezuela (Simón Bolívar International Airport)
  • Caracas (Miraflores Palace) Fast Forward2
  • Caracas (Municipal Theater) Detour2.2 U-Turn2
  • Caracas (La Casa Natal de Simon Bolívar) Toll2.2
  • Caracas (Federation Arch) Pitstop2.2

The Detour had teams choosing either Make-Up and Speak Up. In Make-Up, teams received pampering care from professional stylists. In Speak Up, teams were asked pageantry questions and had to give satisfactory answers. The Fast Forward required the team to search for a small white star hidden in Federation Arch, the Pit Stop of the leg.

Additional tasks
  • In Miraflores Palace, teams were greeted by Venezuela's president, Hugo Chávez.
  • The clue in the birthplace of Simon Bolívar told teams to do several social tasks involving hugs and kisses in order to receive their next clue.

Leg 13 (Venezuela → Trinidad and Tobago)


Teams took a boat to the Pit Stop in Caroni Swamp.

  • Airplane Caracas (Simón Bolívar International Airport) to Piarco, Trinidad and Tobago T&amp;T (Piarco International Airport)
  • St. Augustine (Wings Bar)
  • Aranjuez (T&TEC Power Plant) Roadblock2 Yield2
  • Caroni Swamp (Bird Sanctuary) Pitstop2.2

The Road Block required the team member to count the number of marked ladders.

Additional tasks
  • In Wings Bar, teams had to drink a glass of rum each and then do the wining dance in order to receive their next clue from the bartender.

Leg 14 (Trinidad and Tobago → Barbados → United States of America)


Teams visited the famed Rocky Balboa statue before running up the Rocky Steps to complete the final Road Block task.

  • Tacarigua (Tacarigua Mosque)
  • Airplane Piarco (Piarco International Airport) to Seawell, Barbados Barbados (Grantley Adams International Airport)
  • Saint Lawrence Gap (Bellini's Trattoria) Roadblock2 (Overnight Rest)
  • Airplane Seawell (Grantley Adams International Airport) to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA USAflag (Philadelphia International Airport)
  • Philadelphia (Marconi Plaza) Detour2.2
  • Philadelphia (Liberty Bell)
  • Philadelphia (The Franklin Institute)
  • Philadelphia (Rocky Balboa Statue) Roadblock2 (Philadelphia Museum of Art)
  • Valley Forge (Valley Forge National Historic Park) Pitstop (Finish Line)

The first Road Block, in Barbados, required the team member to eat plates of flying fish and yellow sauce to find departure times. The Detour in Philadelphia was a choice between Slow Go and Fast Blast. In Slow Go, teams went to the Franklin D. Roosevelt Golf Course and complete the course in eight turns or under. In Fast Blast, teams traveled to Citizens Bank Park, and there they must hit a ball thrown by Phillies member Drew Carpenter. The second Road Block, in Philadelphia, required the team member to complete the RealShowFan's The Amazing Race 3's display case. They had to find paintings of locations they visited throughout the race.

Additional tasks
  • In The Franklin Institute, teams completed a connecting puzzle to light a light bulb.


You can read the entire season by going to this link:

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